Hi all, i worked for a beekeeper who a few months ago purchased 6 pallets of infected boxes and took them back to his home town and bee shed, his intentions was to have them radiated be using them, but around 6 weeks ago ( without radiating the boxes) we took them out to use them on beehives that were "suspect" AFB anyway, every hive got a dose of antibiotics.

Since quitting not long after (for unrelated reasons) i have brought some bee boxes myself that wont be anywhere near his hives by the way, and in doing my own reasearch i discovered the true seriousness of the disease and that antibiotics only mask the problem.

The boxes were stored in the shed wraped tightly in plastic, when unwrapping them they had a potent smell (almost like famenting vegimite).

Anyway dose that mean all his hives would be infected? would it get thru alll his extraction equipment and into his other hives?

If so im definatly never going to buy anything off him or go near them again, i actually thought he would know better.