I recently made some candy board for my top feeder for the winter, placed it in my hive.
I had about 4 lbs left over so I placed it in a pan on top of the hive so the bees could have some food with the temperatures in the mid-50's, one thing I am noticing is the amount of bees dying around the candy board, there is about 20 dead bees per day dead.
During the daytime the hive entrance which is constricted due the my mouse guard has a flurry of activity, things seem normal.
I popped the top feeder and looked in the hive yesterday, (temp was 63) bees were hanging out on one of the frames, they looked like they were capping the last frame.
It's gonna become winter Tomorrow or friday, with temps remaining in the upper 30's so today Thanksgiving is the last day for them to get their work done.
Does anyone place Apiguard in the winter?
I'm going to change out the entrance board in the next several days for the final shutdown.