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There's always a lot of speculation on feral bees and their health, yet so few real comprehensive or inclusive studies to consider. And that makes sense to me, in that I think it would be pretty hard to find a large enough sample, over a wide enough geography to get a true sense of their condition.
There is at least one, that I know of. It was done in my country by a government funded project to try to produce a varroa tolerant bee. Because of the stories of beehives that had been in some place "for 12 years", or similar, the team decided to investigate this to see if there was any useful genetic material for their program. They advertised in newspapers asking people to report feral hives, and around 80 were reported. They were checked and 30 of them were suitable to monitor, cameras were set up to see if occupation was continuous. Of the 30 hives, every one of them had died within 12 months, although some had been replaced with new swarms.