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    Default pollination with a smaller number of hives

    Hello All,
    I currently have 30 hives and am planning on growing to at least 60 this coming year. I would like to bring my hives down to Florida for pollination and to build up earlier to split earlier. Do orange growers ever take smaller number of hives? If so what is the best way to contact them? Trying to get into pollination slowly, not get in over my head, but not sure if it is feasible with lower number of hives. If any one has done it and could give advice it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: pollination with a smaller number of hives

    you mention pollination and orange groves. there is no pay for moving bees into groves. you hope to get a honey crop but risk damage from spraying. If its a poor year its all expenses. nucs can be raised. we took 600 hives down in the 80's but its all changed now. we went 4 yrs and don't miss it. good luck

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    Default Re: pollination with a smaller number of hives

    Down here it's all about who you know. I got my hives from a guy that worked with one of the largest commercial operations in town. They would let him put his pallets in the fields with their equip. But at the same time people try to drop a few hives without permission and the landowners + law enforcement look the other way if something happens to them.

    I'm lucky enough that my family has an animal rescue about 100 yards from a 100+ acre grove and less than a 1/4 mile from a few thousand acres. That 100 yards is all saw palmetto which typically blooms just as the main citrus flow is ending.

    Also around us you have to protect the hives from hog and black bear.

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    Default Re: pollination with a smaller number of hives

    Do you have contacts in Michigan that are looking for pollination? I used to send a lot out that way, but have moved onto bigger fish.

    I have some old customers in Bay City MI, i could give you the contact info if you are interested, Send me Private Message is you would like this info.



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