It was such a nice day, 70 deg so I thought I should check my bees (3 hives, 2 started with nucs in May and one swarm started in Sep) and I am blessed with a hive that has 2 queens in it I think. On was my marked queen that I started with in a nuc back in May and the other not makred. This hive has one deep and 2 med 10 frame boxes and has good honey stores. Both queens were on the same frame, there was capped and uncapped larve on it. Watch them for several minutes and they were going about their business. None of the other bees were bothering them. This is the second time this year I have found 2 queens in this hive.

What I am not sure about is what to do with them its to late to start a split, so I put the box back togeather. Does any one have any ideals on what I should do or should I leave them alone?