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    Default overwintering nuc weight

    I moved my nucs home today, and some felt light, but I'm stronger than I used to bee, and I've never lifted nucs in novemeber. How much do yall want them to weigh going into winter? i''m thinking I will get a scale out there in the next couple days, and see precisly how heavy they are. Might need to make some candy or buy some fondont.

    Thanks Everyone.
    Chris Cree
    Cree's Bees

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    Default Re: overwintering nuc weight

    We like ours around 45 pounds.
    Last year I weighed some and tracked their weight through the winter.
    You can take a look:
    I have exactly ONE hive more than than you.
    That makes my opinion beyond dispute!

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    Default Re: overwintering nuc weight

    Harry's is much more precise than my method and you would do well to pay attention to him. That said, I moved mine last week and the good ones felt like a good heavy cinderblock. I'll have to put them on a scale to be more precise. I do have a couple lighter ones that were easily reconized as being light.

    Harry that is a great post you created. Thanks for sharing.


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    Default Re: overwintering nuc weight

    On 8/31 I weighed mine, I have 18. The 2-stories-5-frames weighed from 30-60 pounds with most in the 50-55 pound range. I added a couple of gallons of Mann Lake Prosweet to the lighter ones and haven't weighed them since. I hefted a few randomly a couple of days ago and the ones that seemed good and heavy still were, yet the ones that had been light still felt light to me even after the above mentioned syrup. I may check the lighter ones one a warm day in winter and add another level of honey in combs from the hives I plan to cull, the others I will leave alone. 62 degrees today, and all were flying.


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