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If one imports stock to test, to what extent is the test validated (or invalidated) if nucs are made out of them and queens are raised from them and open mated? Is the dilution of the imported stock important? Or is having bees that are alive the real trump card?

In an ideal world (one where I don't live but would like to visit) if I acquire XYZ super wonderful survivor stock should I need to get in to nuc mode or should the acquired hives survive just fine allowing me to maintain my hive count? I am primarily concerned about surviving mites and Nosema. AFB is not a problem near me (knock on wood.)
Treatment Free appears to be a method for keeping bees, rather than a result that is reached. Should one be concerned with diluting imported stock or should it be seen instead as adding genetic material to the pool of whatever bees are kept in a certain area?

In my case I need to think about migratory colonies that are brought into my area May/June and I've got to assume that drones from those colonies hang out in DCAs just like any other drones.