Squarepeg, understand your question, no problem at all. Let me address them individually.
Soft Treatments - only thing I've ever done that might qualify is feed them HBH a couple times over the years. Nothing else, and absolutely nothing for the mites. I don't consider a screened bottom board to be a treatment, it's management to me. Don't pull drone brood, don't use small cells.

SHB loss - I doubt mites had anything to do with this... hive was in full sun, was delayed in getting my traps into the colony which was a split. After a couple of months I noticed something wasn't right, opened the hive. Sigh... bees were still functioning as a colony, but the shb had pretty much taken over and slimed slimed slimed. So I saved what I could, united with a stronger colony, and put the rest in the full sun. then burned it... wasn't sure what else to do, but those frames were a loss.

Starvation - those hives succumbed late winter/early spring. Previous fall no indication of mites. I always look for deformed wings, and haven't seen any in my colonies for a couple of years. (That hive worked thru it, and did quite well, still going strong). I guess one could interpret the colonies weakened by varroa, but remember, hives were lost before varroa appeared.

Now if I had a colony collapse June, July, or August, yes, I might suspect the mites.

Whenever I find a weakened colony, I either requeen or commit regicide and unite it with a stronger colony. If it is an impending starvation, of course I feed. If circumstances warrant, entrances are reduced, ventilation provided, shb traps installed (have used up to six in one colony), sugar syrup given. But beyond that, haven't done anything.
Hope that helps.