I just ordered 40 -8 frame deep box's from Mann Lake with of course FREE shipping. My shipping info was emailed to me stating my order was 327.4 LBS!

I had ordered 20 of the budget 8 frame deeps a couple weeks ago to see what the quality was. You tell me.

I think the quality of their budgets are better than their selects a few years ago. They use to have hand holds that were consistantly blown out on one side from ether a dull blade or were shoved through too fast.

The only thing thay do that drives me crazy is they have these great sales. I hate to buy too much before it may come on sale, but then if I wait the price may go up! I picked up 60 budget deeps and 60 shallow box's for a great price a few months ago. $8.50 for the deep 10 frames box's, $5.75 for the medium supers and the quality was just as good.

I give Man Lake a thumbs up on quality and customer service