FIRST LET ME SAY WELCOME!. two you are among a bunch of great , and helpful people here , 3 we have a chat room that fun to be ,but sometime it get a little crazy there,lol,, and we do have experts in this forum some even have books out on beekeeping, you will learn alot in this forum , because im a newbie and started beekeeping in 2012 got my first swarm on april and just got just got my second swarm last week small swarm about a 1000 africanized bees, here in Puerto Rico, i am in a very tight budget also ,and the way i got around it is i made my own hive , made a top bar and noc hives and trap which are easy to build , here the link to the spec on diff hives you could build yourself from beesouce , also you tube has tons of infor on beekeeping and building your own hives , one guy come to mind that show all about beekeeping and gear is outofabluesky on youtube, as for gloves use the dish washing rubber glove are ok welding gloves are way to thick to work with. first thing you need to fight is fear when you working with 10,000 to 30,000 bees , you just have to respect them, and it best to start with two hive not one ,that way if one is weak , you could take blood from the other hive or eggs laves , good luck!