It's swarm season in my part of the world.

Walt Wright just mentioned that reproductive swarm cutoff where he lives is:
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Normally, the end of the first week of April. This season, three weeks early, or just after mid March.
March 20 was Spring equinox, but we don't even see swarming start until about three weeks after Spring equinox where I live.

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Reproductive swarm cut off (repro c/o): The point in vegetative developement where the colony abandons swarm ambition in favor of colony survival. If the colony has not committed to swarm by starting swarm cells, they change internal operations to prepare for storing winter honey. The following three weeks is devoted to rearing the house bees needed to process and store honey at efficient rates.
So when does the swarm season start for you and when is your reproductive swarm cutoff?
How long is the reproductive swarm season?

Matthew Davey