Rigid mindsets aren’t limited to old timers. It isn’t unusual to see first year…and even sometimes non beekeepers arguing their opinions and philosophy with vehemence. I see conventional and treatment free folks who are blindly closed minded.
Seymore, you say you read a lot. Keep in mind that many authors can be just as narrow minded as anyone else.
My approach, I think, has been to try to understand the life cycles and basic biology of bees and their parasites…and then try to rationalize any advice given with that understanding. If something looks promising, I’ll usually try it on a limited scale and do my best to give it an objective evaluation. I’ve tried small cell, foundationless, treatment free yards, various miticides, beetle traps, sunny yards, shady yards, screened bottoms….and all sorts of other gadgets and gizmos. And yet I’m far from an expert.
There are a number of very objective posters on Beesource. I’m afraid that if I name a few I’ll surely overlook some too.
I am friends with a very successful lady beekeeper and appreciate the extra challenges she faces. By golly does she ever have the Midas touch with bees!
I’m not even sure what the purpose of this post might be other than to say if you are looking for solid…good advice….I’m the gold standard…..just kidding
Good luck