Oh boy , many sources I studied say a screen bottom allows for ventilation which in turn prevents water condensation and wet bees.
now I am reading that closed bottoms allow for higher humidity inside the hive,resulting in a decrease in Varroa mites and happier bees since they dont have to work as hard transporting water.
our humidity in this area usually stays arround 70-80% year round(its currently 40 degress temp and 72% humidity)with even higher ranges durring parts of the summer.
Wouldn't the humidity be excessive with closed bottom?
Is anyone working with the extended bottom with shavings? If so how is it coming? Also wouldnt it result in the larvae of the SHB staying inside the hive base to hatch.
In trying to do right for my bee companions before introducing them to their new home I find myself asking more questions and certainly expanding my horizons