I'm a new beekeeper and have started some queenrearing. My best colony started off friendly and exploded in population. They also made enough honey to be set for the winter. There was a cold snap for a few days and then the weather turned warm again. i went through all my colonies for the last inspection for the year and when it came to that colony they were very angry at me. This same queen had this same problem last year and i replaced her. I put her in a nuc as a backup if the new queen didn't workout and the temper of the nuc cooled off. They exploded in population and grew to there present full colony strength. Then the agressive behavior started again. Is it possible to use the genetics and rear queens from this queen and see if the next generation is agressive or is that a waste of time. It's a shame to kill my best laying queen, but it's no fun getting attacked the whole time I'm trying to inspect. Any help is appreciated.