A good day to all, I am sitting here in midstate Indiana looking out at the frosted garden and planning my bee yard for next spring.
I am going non chemical and will be using top bar hives, probably 2 to start. Since I am in an urban area I am planing and planting plenty of bee friendly things arround my home although everything I've read says my bees will most likely go elsewhere to forage.
right now my very first hive,which I am building myself, is sitting in my kitchen with the glue drying(non toxic and waterproof). It's been interesting as I find cutting a staight line is not one of my better skills and I reall need to purchase a couple of bar clamps. on that note sewing thread wrapped arround and pulled tight makes a fair clamp
I am looking forward to having my bees next year-- just hoping I can find a seller who is using the TBH and has gone non chemical as regressing bees to non chemical use results in frequent die off.