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    Default Apiary on the North side of the hill

    Hi beeks,

    I am planning to establish my very first Apiary at my summer house in south of Sweden. The thing is that my house is on the north side of a small hill. I did cut down all the shrubbery blocking the South East sun but the South, South-West is blocked by a forest and the East is blocked by the house. The North side is blocked by the garage and shed and a few Oak trees. So the Apiary is the middle of it all.

    Is it enough to have the hives exposed to only the South-East sun? Do you see any issues with an Apiary being on the North side of a small hill?


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    Default Re: Apiary on the North side of the hill

    It's not the most ideal set up, but it sounds to me like you have done the best you can considering your limitations. You have a good wind block to the north and west for winter, and full sun for at least part of the day. If you keep the area cleared out around the hives allowing air circulation you should be alright.
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    Watch the shrubbery culling as it maybe free food for your bees. You can keep bees in lightly forested areas too.

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    Default Re: Apiary on the North side of the hill

    Sounds like a good time for a study on where the sunshine is on your property. Look for the focal points and also look for nectar/pollen sources too. You're at the south end of the country it looks like. Trees are not a big deal in winter without leaves and in summer there's more than enough direct sunlight to make them happy. I've placed them in shaded areas under a pine tree facing south for snow and wind protection.
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