Yes true.

Just when I first read about the live & let die approach (a few years ago), I was appalled, as in my country hive losses are very low, for me, I wouldn't let any hive die. When I suggested trying to save the hive, and requeen it, I got shot down in flames and some suggested I shouldn't even be on the forum. So that type of thing has kind of shaped my understanding of what people on the TF forum are about.

But wow, how time changes things. Now requeening is the thing to do.

Or maybe now some people have been around a bit longer and learned a bit more.

I'm also beginning to ponder the following of fads. Until recently, small cell was THE way to go. I had my doubts but eventually decided to try it, also applying the (then) favored method of not requeening but just splitting survivors. I had to breed some queen initially for the SC hives, just to get numbers to a poiint where I could start applying the Bond method, as I understood it at that time.

But Whoa! Right about when I'm set up with enough SC hives, suddenly small cell is not nessecarily the way to go now, natural cell is, something I'd already tried and not continued. And walkaway splits is not really the way to go any more, queen breeding is being promoted.

So looks like my viewpoint is right, or wrong, depending which year I held it!

But anyhopw, I'll be staying with my small cell hives, and the bond method in it's pure form, until I get a reasonable conclusion. Can't really keep changing to the latest theory or my results won't be valid.