Hi all,
Did about a dozen this year. As much as anything just to see how feral nests were being constructed.

-All Vac'ed colonies lost queens, got weak, SHB, lost most. Better results by hand but still lost queens. Best results-capture/cage queen first.
-Expose entire nest before proceeding.
-Get good work area set up, new hive as close as possible, someone to frame the comb as you cut is a godsend. If not just carefully lean comb in corners of plastic bin. Got to find/cage the queen straight away.
-Your emotional state is as important as any other factor in keeping them placid. Strive for calm assertiveness.
-Go thru quickly but smoothly, light, cool smoke as needed, she will run, cut/pull inspect till u get her.
-Cage her w/ a few workers and include her w/ brood comb.
-I don't transfer honeycomb just feed it back to them, or me
-I only save 80%brood comb, install and leave for couple days.

p.s. I built a simple vac. using a soccer ball bag as vac. bag. Ridges in hose will kill B's, smooth inside better.