I'm looking for info on the two types of "mini" bear plastic containers. Moreover, what exactly is the difference between them... besides the stated 1oz.

Betterbee carries a 3 oz. flat panel mini bear.
Brushy & Dadant carry a 2 oz. flat panel mini bear.

All three look identical. Betterbee's bears (under their specs) claim to be 6.63" wide and 5.88" tall. The length is 12.75. Not really 'mini' in my opinion but I'm guessing the website is incorrect for a 3 oz. bear. Brushy's bears are 3" tall and 1-1/2" wide. I can't find info on Dadants.

Has anyone researched these bears and compared their size/quantity? My client would like a 3oz bear... I would like the best price for the product (Dadant).

Thanks for any input.