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Bob Harrison, Missouri beekeeper on Bee-L uses the term "dink" when referring to weak colonies.

While I don't use weak colonies, or dinks if you prefer, to make up my mating nucs, I do use "non-productive" colonies to start my regular nucs for wintering. While I still sacrifice these colonies for nuc making, I'm moving toward making all my nucs from over wintered nucs. I think I used about 20 colonies to make somewhere near 100 of the nucs this year, but the rest of the 450+ came from nucs. In 2013, all will be made up from nucleus colonies. My mating nucs are 4 way on mini-combs. These I make up by expanding the winter survivors onto additional mini-combs.
thanks mike, sorry for not representing it accurately.

are you leaning toward using all nucs for your nucs because you are having less non-productive colonies?

and, what will be your approach to dealing with (if any) non-productive colonies?

i c d bz 2!