I have just read about this method by Mel Disselkoen, I realize its not anything new, its been around many years already, but I was wondering if anyone has put it to the test with their own bees to see what the results were. To me, it sounds like it may work fairly well at outbreeding the mite, but its not a method for everyone depending on your operation. If you are mainly into honey production, your main flow would have to be over by late July-very early August so that you can benefit from using your pre-split colonies to produce a honey crop. After this is when you split the hive up into nucs and either give them a queen, queencell, or let them raise their own queen. Then you have the problem of successfully overwintering the majority of all these nucs, not an easy task with my track record at nuc wintering. I would prefer to get responses back from those that have actually tried his method rather than getting speculation on how you think it would work.