I took combs of brood, honey & some pollen out, banded them to frames, bees stayed on the comb, wasnt a bad removal at all. I felt I had the queen because all the bees stayed in the hive box I put frames in. It was 68 degrees.

After I finished I decided to set hive box on top of ladder to be close to the soffit I removed them from so the foragers could find the new hive full of bees etc.

The bees climbed out of the hive and crawled up the wall going back into the roof/soffit. I left them alone fiquring they would see the hive held everything the needed and get back into the hive box.

I have not been back today but, could the queen have fallen off and still be inside the house or were the bees just smelling where she was and going to check it out and will be back into the hive today. ????

I,m in Alabama,,, Cool nights at about 45 and days generally 60 degrees,,, THOUGHTS?