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    Default Bee removal - What went wrong?

    I took combs of brood, honey & some pollen out, banded them to frames, bees stayed on the comb, wasnt a bad removal at all. I felt I had the queen because all the bees stayed in the hive box I put frames in. It was 68 degrees.

    After I finished I decided to set hive box on top of ladder to be close to the soffit I removed them from so the foragers could find the new hive full of bees etc.

    The bees climbed out of the hive and crawled up the wall going back into the roof/soffit. I left them alone fiquring they would see the hive held everything the needed and get back into the hive box.

    I have not been back today but, could the queen have fallen off and still be inside the house or were the bees just smelling where she was and going to check it out and will be back into the hive today. ????

    I,m in Alabama,,, Cool nights at about 45 and days generally 60 degrees,,, THOUGHTS?
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    Default Re: Bee removal - What went wrong?

    Where ever the bees march is where the queen is. It's takes them a while after all the disruption to start to move towards here. Sounds like the queen is still in the soffit. Go back with a queen clip and no smoke to see if you can find her. Sometimes the queen will retreat to a crevice away from the light and hide.

    You may need a beevac to retrieve her at this point.
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    Default Re: Bee removal - What went wrong?

    Did you get all of the comb out? This is a must! Definitely have a queen catcher with you on removals. Best case at this point if all the bees have abandon the box is to vacuum them up, move the box to its permanent location and dump the bees back into the box, and hope for the best. It would be nice to locate the queen, but even without her if they have eggs and larvae they should have time (weather permiting) to build a queen cell and make another.

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    Default Re: Bee removal - What went wrong?

    Bees know where home is. When you remove colonies from homes you need to immediately remove them from the property once you get them in your box. Go back that evening around dusk with a BEE Vac and suck up the remainder foragers that were out.

    If you are going to remove bees from buildings and bee happy about it you have to do it like that.

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    Default Re: Bee removal - What went wrong?

    Update ??


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