I have posted a couple times about bee trees and cutouts and want to say thank you to all.

To follow up, I want to tell you what I eventually did. I cut the log off to stand up as many suggested. When I did the log which was rotted rolled over and layed open right down the center. A group of bees the size of a big grapefruit lay on each half with several buzzing me. Most comb stayed in place so I gently posiitioned the two halves back together and placed the hole log in a wooden box that I built off the plan of a Top Bar hive I found on the net. Now the hive is safe inside an enclosure and elevated a couple feet. I made 2 sugar cakes like those shown on Gardenfork.tv and positioned them in the log just beside the comb.

Now two weeks later, it looks as though they have taken the comb that was knocked loose and built new comb from it inside the log. It is really white and new looking. I am not sure if they are storing the sugar in the comb or just eating it.

Cold weather returned Yesterday and the bees are staying close to the hive. Will wait for warmer temps to open it again when I will place more sugar cake. I also plan on adding a 12v heat blanket as winter gets colder. I hope this help will keep them going till spring when I will rehive them. Thanks again! John Brewer