Join us for the…

The first ever Caribbean Bee College will be offered at St. George’s University
School of Veterinary Medicine True Blue Campus in Grenada, West Indies!
• Classes for beekeepers of all experience levels.
• You don’t have to keep bees to attend; all you need is an interest in the subject!
• EVERYONE WELCOME. We strongly encourage beekeepers,farmers, educators,
entrepreneurs and employees of the
Ministry of Agriculture, Health, Environment, and Education to attend.
• Lectures and hands-on workshops including live bee hive demonstrations with the experts.
• Topics cover everything from basic biology to value added hive products and more.
3,4,5 January 2013
The Caribbean’s Largest Educational
Honey Bee Event has arrived!
Brought to you by the Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab at the
University of Florida, St. Georges University, Grenada Association of
Beekepers and the Association of Caribbean Beekeepers’ Organisations.