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    Default I need a place to park near Colombus Ohio

    My inlaws live in Westerville Ohio. I've been trying to find a place I can park my semi occasionally while we're visiting. If there are any beekeepers or family of a beekeeper that wouldn't mind having a big truck sit around for a few days that would be awesome. I don't trust leaving the truck at truck stops.
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    Default Re: I need a place to park near Colombus Ohio

    I don't have any land nor am I close to Westerville. There are a couple of farms right in town you might be able to park at. They are both on Africa Rd between Polaris Pkwy and Countyline Rd., close to 71/270.


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    Default Re: I need a place to park near Colombus Ohio

    We aren't close to Columbus, but we are in the process of moving into our new location in Ravenna, Ohio (Northeast Ohio). It used to be a truck terminal, so there is plenty of room for an extra rig. If any beekeeping truckers need a place to rest or park, we wouldn't mind. PM if in need. We are right off I76 and a few miles from I80 (turnpike). Many folks cut through the area going east/west and up from I77 to I90.
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