RickD posted this in the tfb forum:

"This is a little off the thread, but I am in need of a reply from someone. I have been reasonably treatment free, albeit I do sugar dusting in the late summer/early fall. i have bought into the idea of small cell and trusted the bees. I monitored this year after the last dusting and had high mite counts...averaging almost 100 with a 24 hr drop. I did a wintergreen syrup treatment which had little aggregate effect. I just did a formic acid treatment with the Mite Away 2 strips...I was scared out the wazzoo after reading the instructions. anyway, when I went in to do the deed, I had not opened the carton before going in because of the scare messages, and while at the hive discovered that the strips are too long to go across the 8 frame hive with 2" from each side as recommended. I cut them in half and placed them in the hive as the directions were drawn, but they said nothing about halving....what the hell? It is early winter, and bees are drawing back, s this can only have a helpful effect, I suspect. Was this the wrong thing to do? Should I have placed two strips lengthways in an 8 frame hive..even tho they are very robust, they are not what they have been....I obviously do NOT like chemicals.....they flat out RAN from the strips, like they flat out AVOIDED the wintergreen feed (completely in the case of a nuc).... "

i was curious myself. any thoughts?