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    Default Choices for wedge top bars please.

    Hello all.

    Now that I've gone into the hives for the last time this year I was looking over a bunch of stuff I ordered, one being a hundred deep frames and a hundred super frames. Luck I guess had it that when I was putting together some frames this summer the top bars that I grabbed were all the grooved ones I actually ordered. I was looking at the remainder of the top bars and found they were wedge top bars, which I didn't order.

    So my question is, can I just get the plastic frames that I've been using and nail the wedges to them or do I have to use the wax foundation they were designed for? I've never used wire foundation wax before but I guess there can be a first.

    Does anyone have suggestions?


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    Default Re: Choices for wedge top bars please.

    yes you can use plastic foundation with wedge style frames use nails just like you thought.

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    Default Re: Choices for wedge top bars please.

    I run cut comb, so my first choice is wedge top. Pull the wedge off turn perpendicular and nail on. You now have a starter strip for natural comb. Saves money on foundation.


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