First year beek here. We survived Hurricane Sandy and the nor'easter dropped a foot of snow on us last week that's almost gone already! Weather supposed to be in the high 60's today but cold nights are sticking around.
Started with a nuc in May that has been very strong and provided me with 60 lbs of honey. I tested with the powdered sugar and sticky board a few weeks ago and the mite load was very low (3-4 in a 24hr drop) I'm concerned that I should have treated anyway and wonder if it's too late now?!
(I have the Mite Away Quick strips) They are in to deeps and top box is full and capped except for 1/2 of the outer most frame. I haven't inspected the bottom in awhile since all seemed well. Also they never drew out the frame I put in place of the feeder so that will be an empty frame for this winter I guess.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...