Today I removed the hive top feeder and I was immediately attacked by the bees. I quickly closed up the hive and set the feeder next to the hive, there were bees inside it. The bees stayed inside the feeder quite awhile (couple hours)so I smacked it trying to get them out so they would go back into the hive and I could put the feeder away. They are now clustered just under the front of the hive and a spot on the ground and there are still quite afew left in the feeder. It's around 40 degrees, raining and dark.

Why would they stay outside clustering? At first I thought maybe the queen was on the bottom of the feeder when I smacked it, but there are 2 clusters on the ground and still some in the feeder. Just before dusk I went and checked on them, they were clustered so I blew on them and a few came at me, but it didnt break up the cluster.


What are your thoughts?
Thanks, Ron