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    Default What a great day in north central pa.

    What a great day the bee yard was hopppin thats for sure.
    I was planting garlic and tought i think i'll go over and get a few bee yard pics well i got a veil and stroll over to the bee yard i was not there for no more then 20 sec. and bam got hit in the back so i walk up on hives and they where on me like flys on ---- and off i was running they got me the total of 3 times buy the time i was back at my garlic witch i might ad is alittle over 200 yards away there was still one that wanted my ass . So i'm back planting and a half hour later attack again this time she dies i won . I do love my bee's!
    Say hello to the bad guy!
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    Default Re: What a great day in north central pa.

    Glad you enjoyed it! Is this usual behavior for them?
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    Default Re: What a great day in north central pa.

    Mine are a bit defensive as well, I took a stroll down to the hives yesterday with no protection and was leaning on one of the hives while watching their cleansing flight and a guard took after me, I didn't get a foot away when she got me in the throat, needless to say but I was packing my butt out of there before I stirred up more of them. They are testy right now. Southeast Ohio Zone 6A

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    Default Re: What a great day in north central pa.

    Tis the season I guess. Was out in the bee yard today because it will be the last time I see 60 until who knows when. Saw a hive that had less activity than the others so thought "Ill just reduce that entrance a little more." They seemed to take great offense at me thinking they needed a smaller opening. Before I could even move I had 3 in my beard, at least 2 more hit me in the back as I was running away. I now agree with them, that opening is just the right size


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