ramona posted this in another thread:

"I have laughed so much during this thread...not at anyone just at the funny way all the parallel posts are interweaving and all the interesting historical themes, political, religious, everything! Am loving all the personality that has come through the posts as well...has been feeling like being at a really good party where you hear a whole bunch of interesting/funny conversation going on around you and you know at the end of the party you'll have a lot to talk about on the car ride home.

Mark, what is it with guy beekeepers and quilting? I have never heard you mention this before! There is a guy in our club who also quilts but we knew him as a beekeeper for 10 years before we found out that not only does he quilbt but has an entire floor or his house for a studio...his wife had her own quilting studio on another floor....she wasn't a beekeeper.

Ramona "

i also thought it was kind of neat the way the conversation was twisting and turning.

not unexpectly, the off topic discussion was moved to tailgater, but not everybody was able to move there with it.

so, as an experiment, here is a thread that's not a thread. no topic, and being in 'coffee klatch', no subject is taboo.

anybody interested in seeing where this can go?