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    Default Bees not using the Winter top entrance??

    Ten days ago, we started preparing the hives for the Winter. My husband made top entrances that would also serve as ventilation and insulated the covers.

    We are wondering why the bees are not using the top entrances at all. The last two days the temps have been in the high 60s and there is a lot of activity on the bottom entrance but none on the top.
    We made the holes the same size as the ones in the metal mouse guards, so we know they are big enough..

    I know the bees will do what they want to do.

    At this point we hope that this is enough ventilation to keep the moisture out of the hive..Any thoughts??

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    Default Re: Bees not using the Winter top entrance??

    That should be plenty of ventilation. You just need enough ventilation so that warm, moist air will slowly exit the top and the dry air will come in the bottom. In fact, too much ventilation would just make it harder on the bees to keep warm.

    As far as the bees using the upper entrance, they will use it (maybe) later in the winter when the cluster has moved up there and/or the bottom entrance is covered with snow.

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    Default Re: Bees not using the Winter top entrance??

    If front entrance gets block by dead bees or snow the living bees will be all set

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    Default Re: Bees not using the Winter top entrance??

    Bees won't necessarily use an entrance just because you put it there. They will be accustomed to doing what they have always done. Only when new bees come along and find their own ways of doing things will there be much change. If you leave it on, you may find that next year they prefer it.

    Gee, reading over that, you might thing I was talking about beekeepers. Nope, just talking about bees.


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