So I am in my 2nd year as a bee keeper. Have two hives, both of which are hives that I rescued. One that I rescued mid Sept seems to be having trouble. I opened it up today and found that they haven't drawn any new comb since my last check at the beginning of Oct and there were a lot of bees just "standing around" with their abdomens in the air. As I dug deeper, I found lots of capped honey, but no brood and no eggs. On my last inspection there were fresh brood and they were drawing comb like crazy. No signs of beetles or any other parasites. There are four frames that are badly cross combed that I did not get a look at. Am I queenless? or am I just over reacting?

I was thinking I would take a frame from my other hive that has eggs and put it in for them to raise a new queen, but I am not sure if there are any drones available.

Wanted to get a second opinion before I tried to order a queen. There is a breeder not far from me here in Austin, Tx.