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Wildbranch - one of the oldtimers blames acid rain for the change in the plants. Do you think there is any possibility it has had an effect?

Crazy Roland
I'm no expert but that would be one possibility, the north east has had that problem forever but why would it be less of a problem in N.Y. ? Since in Mass. it started before GM, neonics, etc and b/4 they started telling us about global warming etc. Heck it could be some disease of golden rod, nobody would bother to look and most people would be happy.
I wish I knew where my neighbors kids were living now, they were so alergic to golden rod, wonder how bad there alergies are now, less goldenrod less alergies?
I observe these things going on, but don't really spend much time thinking about it as other than moving bees, not a thing I can do about it. I did propose gathering napp weed seeds and replanting the goldenrod fields, but got severe repremands about nasty weeds Heck it could be as Ian says, the goldenrod has been growing there for ever, mayby it finally used up some nutrients that it requires, actually makes more sense than most ideas. I watch farmers up here that don't rotate crops and keep putting on more and more fertilizer and getting less and less crops, what ever happened to leaving a field fallow for a year. the bees would probably start doing better.