Well, this has gone way off topic. Par for the course I guess.

At 5-7lbs/hive, you spend all day to pollen sub 167 hives. 2 "chicken squares" go on really fast while we are in the yard pulling honey.

The bees do go through that amount very fast. And we have to make an additional trip back to each yard a week or so later. But I have lots of time and extra labor to go back to those hives and add more sub after the honey pulling is done.

Sometimes I want to be fast and wasteful. My crop comes in at least a week or 2 later than the other Ryan. I'm usually in a tighter time pinch than most guys.

I'll accept your last post as a polite No Thank You, can't mess with it right now or maybe ever. But I had to ask. I can still use some of your stuff for my second round of pollen. Thanks again.