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    Default Bee Removals and Swarms - Some Start Up Questions??

    Hey All - Got a couple questions regarding bee removals. I am relatively new to keeping bees, but think I have found a new passion in my life, I love the bees and all they are about. My favorite YouTube channel is JPthebeeman, and have been inspired by his calm, coolness, and all around demeanor when he deals with bees. I really would like to start doing bee removals and swarm catching up here in MN. I want to compile a list of everything I might need to be successful at this. Obviously things like boxes, hive tools, sugar water, b-quick, a sharp knife, queen cage, empty frames, rubber bands, etc.....

    1)Has anyone used the plans for building the B-Vac? I think this must be an essential tool for removing hives? What are your thoughts?

    2) Contracts and Insurance?? I know from reading through posts here at bee source that a lot of you recommend using a contract and insurance. At what point do you think this becomes very important? I can see the importance of a contract, but until this were to become a successful gig, what is the insurance for - property damage, bodily harm, etc??

    I am sure I am missing quite a bit of things here, so that is why I posted, thanks in advance for all your help!!!!
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