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Thanks for doing the multiple quote thingy I dont know how to do that and it has made what I've tried to say more understandable in the scheme of things
Quick tutorial: What you want to click the "reply with quote" button or the "("+)" button and then "Reply to thread." It will give you the quote inside what are called tags, they have brackets around the word "QUOTE=frazzledfozzle;986471" and "/QUOTE". I can't actually put the brackets in or it would turn it into a quote.

To make multiple quotes, simply separate out the lines you would like to respond to, and put the "QUOTE=frazzledfozzle;986471" tag in front, including brackets and the "/QUOTE" tag at the end. Those are forum speak for open quote and close quote. By changing the phrase after the = sign, you can quote from somewhere else.

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The trouble with internet quotes is you never know if they're legitimate.
But it must have the brackets for the forum to read it right.

[/quote] And there must be an open quote and close quote tag in the right order or it won't work. For instance, this is quoted backwards.[quote]