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I'd say have several more than you need. For nucs, have more available than you plan to use. Make more than you plan to keep because you'll have a certain proportion of failures and dinks
It is the plan that I am asking about. I am making my own equipment so I am wondering how many I should plan for. Is there a rule of thumb or ratio you use? Like one nuc for every hive or is it one nuc for every two hives to mate and house queens? Maybe it doesn't matter, and it is just what I am willing to play with or pay for.

So I am thinking that an average of 7 mediums per hive (two 8 frame mediums equal one deep) would be an adequate number of boxes for the main hives, plus some number of nuc boxes for splits and queen rearing, etc. The failures and dinks are what I am concerned about. Whats a dink? Is that a technical term?