I changed part of my cover crop to some buckwheat this year. I planted September 1 and it has been setting seed in all different stages. Been a nice fall here but with frost in the forecast I pulled up a 5x15 strip of it (pretty shallow rooted I got roots and all). Dumped it in a wheelbarrow with roots in the same side then I put it out of the rain. I am looking for suggestions for harvesting some seed from this for next year. I put in for the bees more than cover and a lot of it is pretty green. I am not looking for food grade but rather just seed for the following year. Fava out-competed the wheat in most of the corn and looks like slugs or something else has been hard on it in most of the other patches so if I cannot save seeds I probably will not plant it again.
The plan is to cut the tops off on some newspaper and let it dry.