I am just staqrting to sell my honey in the local market place.I have been using a 35 gallon water jacket bottler and also bottling straight out of the barrel with a 2-2.5 inch syracuse valve I think its called. I was talking to a friend the other day and he suggested uding a simplex as-1 bottler as I hope to continue to expand the packing part of my business. The question I have is that I bottle 3 different different types of honey, mesquit, orange blosssom and wildflower. Keith suggested getting a nurse tank to bottle out of. But I wonder if anyone has used a seperate "nurse" tank for each variety maybe a 2-3 hundred gallon each and then just switch to the proper tank ? My orders are seeming to run anywhere from 50 to 100 plus cases so I need to be able to get more production with out having to mess around changing tanks. I am getting behind on my bee work and am trying set myself up so that I can market my honey and keep on top of my bee work. thanks very much for any input George B