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    Default Re: "treatment treadmill"

    Or the rhinovirus. Always around and takes advantage of the right conditions to have its effects.
    "Most of my exercise comes from wrestling with pigs and beating dead horses."
    Mark Berninghausen

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    If you know about AFB, if you have seen outbreaks of AFB, If you have read the New Zealand Studies, if you know about the bee kill prior to 1945 when sulfa drugs were 1st used, if you research what researchers who attend apimondia,ABF conventions and others teach and write, AFB and epidemic are often found in the same sentence as it should be. We had an "outbreak" in NY in the early part of the millenium. Many hundreds of beekeepes had had what is likely over a thousand hives burned and a great deal of terramcyin purchased before it was brought under control. Thankfully the days of hidden "hospital yards" and masked foulbrood are pretty much a thing of the past here.

    Epidemic is the correct word, as the potential of epidemic in the abscense of prevention is certainly there. The New Zealand study I think is still the definitive work for control w/o anti-biotics.


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