Hello Folks,
I am a new beekeeper this year. I find it to be a fascinating hobby. I started out this spring with 2 nucs of Italians. They seem to be, in my opinion (an uneducated one for sure) doing real well. They have filled 2 deeps with honey and with the fall bloom, have each partially filled out a medium super. I would love to try my honey, but some beekeeper friends suggest I leave the partially filled supers on all winter, so when the queen starts laying they will have a little extra honey. I know the decision is ultimately mine, but I would like to get as much input as possible. What do you think?

My other question is about reactions to bee stings. I have experienced progressively worsenning reactions to the stings from my little friends. I had my doctor prescribe an Epipen for me, just to be safe. I would like to hear from others that have had this experience. Do the reactions ever level off, or do they continue to get worse? I would hate to have to give up my new hobby. Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated.