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    Default Sugar syrup question (stupid mistake)

    Made a stupid mistake, mixed my syrup about half as strong as I was supposed to. Kids, Dogs distractions etc. I mixed 1:1 about half as strong as it should be. Realized it last night. They have had it in the hives about 3 days. Should I change it or let it be. I was planning to go to 2:1 at the end of nov. Started the hives this spring but they have grown a little slow. I am planning to have feed all winter. Just tell me what to do about the incorrect syrup. Its still in the mid 60s to 70 where I am but pretty cool at night. Thanks

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    Default Re: Sugar syrup question (stupid mistake)

    Just add sugar, mix and re-feed

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    Default Re: Sugar syrup question (stupid mistake)

    You can retrieve the syrup from the hive and add more sugar. But I would feed 2:1 at this point.
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