Sacramento Area Beekeepers Association
Beginning Beekeeping Classes

Saturday Jan. 12, 2013 Beginning Natural Beekeeping Serge Labesque
Saturday Feb. 16, 2013 Beginning Beekeeping Randy Oliver
Sunday March 17, 2013 Intermediate Natural Beekeeping Serge Labesque
Sunday April 14, 2013 Intermediate Natural Beekeeping Serge Labesque

Who should take these classes: The beginning class course content is designed for those wanting to explore beekeeping; it does not require any experience. Attending will be very worthwhile, even if you have taken other classes or have had bees for some time. Beekeeping is changing due both to the threats to bees and to new research, so there is much new information. Serge and Randy are both very experienced beekeepers and excellent instructors. Randy is a commercial beekeeper, author and researcher – he uses conventional methods, treating his bees with natural compounds in the management of his bees. Serge teaches beekeeping at Sonoma Community College. He has authored many published articles and uses innovative methods to manage his hives.
We recommend that you consider taking one class from each instructor. While there will be some redundancy, you will be exposed to a range of methods – you can then choose how you desire to manage your bees. We also recommend that you take one of the classes before you get bees and a “repeat” class after you get bees. The presentation will have new meaning for you and you will find you have new questions to ask!

COURSE INFORMATION AND FEE: The course fee is $45.00, SABA member fee $35.00. Classes will begin at 8:30 am and end at approximately 4:30 pm. Classes will start on time so registration begins at 7:30 am. Classes are held at the Sacramento County Dept. of Agricultural building, 4145 Branch Center Road, Sacramento, CA.

COURSE COORINATORS: Nathan Amboy, email

TO REGISTER FOR THE CLASS: Complete the registration form below and mail with payment to SABA at PO Box 1329, North Highlands, CA 95660 no later than the Monday before the class. (Or you may sign up at Sacramento Beekeeping Supplies, 2110 X Street, Sacramento, CA.) You will receive a confirmation by email or telephone. Late registration will require approval of one of the course coordinators. SABA: web site, email,
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