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    Default Bees left, now what?

    I am a second year beek and have 5 hives. I thought all was well and went down to check the bees yesterday. One hive was empty other than yellow jackets. It was full of honey but there was ZERO brood. So, I have this question: What to do with the honey?

    1. If is currently in the freezer. After 2 days do I store it in the garage?
    2. Each frame is about 1/2 and 1/2 capped/uncapped honey. Will it ferment? Can I extract and use it?
    3. If I save it with paramoth is the honey edible for the bees next year if I use them to start a new hive?
    4. Once it has been frozen am I safe to just put the frames back in hive bodies, bag em up and wait for spring?

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    Default Re: Bees left, now what?

    >currently in freezer

    When you remove it place in trash bags, then keep it in a cool/frozen garage til spring. (I would bag several frames together and place in super. Not bag the super because it may contain moth eggs that might hatch later) There will be no need for other moth protection. Mice and/or coons, well . . . .

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    Default Re: Bees left, now what?

    On a warm day open your other hives and replace any empty frames of comb with the frames of honey to help them through winter is something I would consider doing.
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    Default Re: Bees left, now what?

    You could keep it til there was a worm day and let the bees rob it themself .That way it's less work rapping and unrapping bees.


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