With our farmers market stall we get the opportunity to meet face to face with a wide range of customers.

Have been asked a few times to come talk to the kids, present something for a church group on bee keeping - that kind of thing.

Just wondering if many bee keepers do this, and would like some advice on what to do, and what not to do.

Am very interested on what you guys have to say about this.

I am thinking, Observation hive is a good idea.

For small kids, say 6-11 years old, would want to keep talking to 15 minutes maximum?

Everyone wants a sample, or a taste dont they?? So a frame of capped honey that people can touch and eat a good idea?

Would you take a smoker, or bee suit?

Is it rude to take honey / candles etc for sale afterwards?

what do you normally talk about, or what does your speech consist of? I would like to take the approach that honey doesnt just 'come from the supermarket' and that there are local bee farmers etc that sell unprocessed honey that is good for you etc - not sure if that kind of info is the wrong message?

What is the worst thing that can go wrong?