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    Default Sticky Board & HopGuard

    What would be the acceptable maximum 24hr varroa count on a "Sticky Board" after 24 hrs? Have treated with HopGuard for 2 weeks. Will put on 3rd treatment today.

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    The mite count on the board only tells how many you have killed, not the important number- how many are left on the bees and under cappings. I found my mite fall dropped toward the end of each treatment period, then increased the next couple of days after new strips. Each week the numbers were lower. I think the mite drop count a week after your last treatment will tell the tale. I think I had less than 5.

    I followed up with Oxalic vapor for insurance just a few days ago after wrapping for the winter.

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    Default Re: Sticky Board & HopGuard

    Sticky board count is 50 in a 24 hr period. Doing it for a few days in a row and using the average is a good way to get an accurate count. But, if you are treating at the same time it will mess up your counts. Wait a couple weeks after your treatment and recount to see where you are at.


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