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    Smile sugar blocks 2012

    There's a guy with a web page selling blocks of sugar candy. Does anybody remember his name or web page. Thanks

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    Default Re: sugar blocks 2012

    I suggest preparing bags of sugar to be placed over the opening in the inner covers.

    I started an initial test by setting a 10 pound bag of sugar in a baking dish and pouring two cups of water in to soak into the sugar. I actually cut the paper back, and placed a piece of waxed paper over the opening in the bag and held it tight while I rolled the bag over.

    In a second dish I added three cups of water ....

    Don't add 3 cups of water to soak a 10 pound bag of sugar, it's too much.

    After the bags are dry they can be stored for future use.

    There's nothing exceptional about "sugar blocks". Unless one's able to sell them...
    Trying to think inside the box...

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    Quote Originally Posted by oklabizznessman View Post
    There's a guy with a web page selling blocks of sugar candy.
    Here's the thread you are looking for, I believe. The link to the vendor is in the first post.
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    Default Re: sugar blocks 2012

    go here for sugar bricks

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    You did not ask for an endorsement... but I used them last winter and already placed a couple cases of sugar bricks on the hives this year.

    With Honey-B-Healthy in the mix, the bees are attracted to sugar bricks better than regular bakery fondant. I see many bees sticking their tongue on the bricks when I place them in the hive.

    I use a 2 inch spacer at the top of the hives to feed bags of sugar water during September and eventually place the sugar bricks in the same space for winter. For nucs, I partially cover the hole in the inner cover with the brick. The heat of the cluster keeps the sugar warm and the cluster can form under the brick.

    You can add sugar bricks on a warm winter day with minimal disruption.

    Good luck and let us know your experience.


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