Not sure how i managed this...have to say I had alot of help...thankful to the provider.
But 2x the hives and done extracting before Christmas...New one for me
However, now I have this cowen thing (love it) and I need to clean it.
Before it was drag everything out side and pressure wash it. Now the equipement is bolted to the floor, and in one piece which makes it hard for a little lass such as myself to drag it outside and wash it.
Now remember the wall plugs are just standard household plugs...looking to change them up, electrician coming today.
My honeyhouse is more than just an extraction room. It is also the bottling room. Thinking on the pressure washer, but that could be deadly with normal power outlets...ideas please!
PS letting the bees do it...not an idea I care to visit, plus, they are in the process of being wrapped and not really flying much

Thanks for all the help

PS...I really did manage to stay out of the bee yards since early July, as hard as it was...